There’s a “sew-lution” for that

I really like to try and find solutions to problems or that make things easier or tidier. I’m a sucker for a storage basket/container/tub – basically anything that brings some sort of order to a cupboard. I’m a sorter – I like to spend time just sorting things out, for example rearranging the kitchen larder every couple of months after things just get dumped back into it. Basically I’m a little bit obsessive about order and structure as I’m finding as I write this post. Anyway I digress…

I was at my brother and his girlfriend’s house (Richard & Sonia) having our first socially distanced visit since it was announced that we could meet again in the great outdoors. We were sat in the garden and Sonia was pegging out the washing and I noted that the pegs were in a plastic tub. *Lightbulb moment*. They need a nice peg bag!

I had a google for some peg bag patterns but noticed that there weren’t many around. I found a few handy guides on how to go about making them, so I decided I would just have a bash at throwing one together without a formal pattern.

I had some fat quarters from Hobby Craft that I had decided to use with different patterns for the front and back of the bag. I had found the smallest hanger we had and used this to trace out the design in Frixon pens on the front and back fabric pieces for the top of the bag. In total I had 3 pieces, 1 back, and 2 front. 

As I am such a pro at zig-zag stitching, I went round each piece of fabric with a small zig zag stitch once I had cut each piece to size, and then created the hems for the front pieces where they would overlap. I chose a 1.5cm seam allowance for the sides but went for a 2cm allowance for the bottom to give it more strength and stability. 

In design, it was similar to the cushion cover, so fairly familiar and easy to make. I hung it for a few days with some pegs in to give it some shape, but the fabric was fairly sturdy too which helps. Having posted it on my instagram (@stitchedupatstraws), I had a friend drop me a message to also ask for one. Maybe this is the start of a new product range?

Happy sewing!

Em x

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