Gifts Sewing

Ken’s Suit

We have a great sense of humour in my family. All through my life, my Dad (Ken) has always found great creative ways to be funny, and that’s passed on to me. Some of my finest moments include things like a New Years Eve awards ceremony when I was around 16/17, and I hosted it …

General Sewing

Sewing for Gold

I’m a little late to the sewing club when it comes to doing my bit to help the community sewers who have been sewing scrubs for the NHS or PPE for key workers, however in a way this feels like it’s just the start of something. The new normal ahead of us seems to heavily …

Clothing Sewing

On top of the world!

This blog post is dedicated to the Alderley Cami (pattern by Sew Over It) which, when I looked at the instructions, looked like one of the most daunting pieces of clothing I might ever choose to make. The words “cut on the bias” sent chills down my spine, knowing that this was going to be …